Better To Learn From Private Piano Teacher Or School in SG?

One of the biggest questions that many parents face when wanting to help get piano lessons for their children is whether they should learn from a private piano teacher in Singapore or at a local music school.

Most articles online talk about the prices and comparison between private piano teachers and music school fees. However, we believe that it is much more than that. You need to also consider which one will be better for your child to learn from.

First and foremost, it depends whether your child learns best in a structured environment or whether your child learns better in a customized environment. Music schools put every child through a regimental style of learning, which is excellent for many students. However, some children suffer from such regimental style of teaching, and if you are worried that your child is like this too, you should seriously consider getting a private home piano teacher for your child instead.

Second of all, some children learn much quicker or slower than others. This means that to be regimental, music schools teach at a pace that is suitable for the average student in Singapore. If your child takes longer to learn, or grasps concepts and can execute them extremely quickly, then a home piano tutor in Singapore is probably your choice. But if not, going to a music school is better if your child is considered average in terms of learning speed.

I usually recommend getting your child a home piano tutor first and see how it goes for a few months. You can then change if he or she learns better in school. This is because some have said that music schools tend to get rid of your deposit or charge you extra fees if you cancel after just 1 or 2 months. As a result of this, it is more beneficial for you and your child if you get him or her a private home piano tutor first. If it is not suitable, then get him or her a music school enrolment.

If you are looking for a music school, I recommend enrolling with Yamaha. They are situated in most Singapore’s heartland shopping centres.

If you are looking for a Singapore private home piano teacher, I recommend looking for SGLEARNPIANO, a Singapore-based agency which will help you get the ideal piano tutor for no charges.