How To Find The Best Home Piano Teachers In Singapore?

If you are looking for a private piano teacher who will go to your house to teach your child piano lessons, it may feel much more difficult to find a great teacher versus those who are looking for a music school teacher.

This is because there are only a few music schools in Singapore, while there are so many individual piano teachers in Singapore! Additionally, not all teachers have their numbers or profiles listed online. Even those that do list their details on forums, it seems like a little too much of self promotion, and one simply cannot tell if they are over exaggerating how good they are or telling the truth.

Fortunately, I have a simple procedure to help you overcome these issues, and to find the best home piano teachers in Singapore.

Instead of looking for individual teachers, I suggest you look for an agent to help you source the best teacher for your children.

Here are some benefits of using a piano teacher agency to look for your home piano teacher for your child’s music lessons in Singapore.

Unlike property agents, piano teacher agents will only charge the tutors money if the match is successful. This means that you will still be paying the same price whether or not you go through the agent. This essentially means less work on your part, without needing to pay more.

Second of all, there is no incentive for the agent to over exaggerate how good any one teacher is, unless his or her reviews truly is the case. This is because the agent makes money regardless of which teacher he or she recommends you. So the agent has more incentive to recommend you the best teacher in their list because that will maintain their own reputation. This is in direct contrast to individual piano teachers, who will definitely have to toot their own horn! This is because they make no money by recommending another teacher who may be actually far and much better than they are!

Although the agency may have an incentive to recommend you a teacher who is priced more expensively, so that they may take a better commission from the teacher, an ethical Singapore home piano teacher agency will only recommend you the best tutor. Because an ethical agency will match you to the best tutor they have so that they can have long term referral business. However, this is also why it is important to also go for a good agency, and not just randomly pick one. Only ethical ones will recommend you the best teachers at the best rates.

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